About us.

I regard myself as a generalist Podiatry private practitioner. I am self-employed and I have been since 1996. My practice is based on a busy road in a village called Mapplewell. There are four fully equipped surgeries on the premises.

An important role as an employer and the owner of the practice is to ensure the business remains at the highest standards of patient care.  


Our staff members are:

Janet Cawthorne;

Donna Irving;

Muriel George;

Denise Broughton;

Debbi Guest;

Emily Phillips;

Janice Masters.


The majority of the patients we treat are self-referred and we have to be prepared to treat podiatry problems or recognise the need for referral, if out of our scope of practice. we also treat patients who are referred from local general medical practitioners, and other Podiatrists for nail surgery or biomechanical assessments for off shelf and custom made Sidas orthotics.

We regard communication between professionals as being very important, in that it can improve the patient pathway greatly i.e. tissue viability nurses.

Our knowledge base is broad and is based on extensive experience and Continued Professional Development. I am also annotated on the HCPC register as being competent in the use of local anaesthetics.

We do have an interest in orthotic devices of a particular type that we find of value and of benefit to a number of our patients. We have developed what I regard as a specialised expertise in the use of off the shelf and Sidas custom made devices.

 CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to our current and future practice. This is demonstrated by the wide range of CPD activity listed. The reason for the wide choice of learning activity is that we am a generalist practitioners treating patients with a wide range of conditions.  


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We do not anticipate our future patient caseload will change very much from the profile we are accustomed to treating, although with verrucae treatments and nail care no longer being provided by the NHS, these types of treatments do fall to private sector. We currently treat with chemical, liquid nitrogen and laser therapy for verrucae treatment.

Our Continual Professional Development has therefore concentrated on the following activity over the past years.

Attending annual life support training (CPR) and analphylaxis.

  • Local anesthesia update course.  

  • Pharmacology / Neurological update course.

  • Tissue Viability.

  • Orthotic Update course       

  • Bespoke Orthotics Sidas

  • Dermatology lower limb

  • Verruca Therapy       

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease.

  • Rheumatology.

  • Reading professional journals and completing the learning outcome.


Pull out section of the CPD enclosures on “podiatry now”.

  • Network with colleagues to discuss clinical issues.

  • Mentoring younger colleagues in my practice.

I am the union learning rep for South Yorkshire Branch in which I arrange courses for fellow Podiatrists to update their knowledge in key areas.

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